Manipulators with people

Autor: J.F. Holub <jfholub(at)>, Téma: Article from Bulletin in English, Vydáno dne: 06. 11. 2007

One could manipulate practically anything, however not everyone. In people it all depends on the level of knowledge, education and the ability to apply their knowledge - still it is possible to manipulate even educated people if the majority is manipulated, with the educated people being silenced, using even violence. The goal of a manipulator is personal advantages as well as acquiring power; however they often work for somebody else’s interest.

Imposing opinions, declaring promises and kinds of solutions depending on people’s lack of education, laziness to think, a short memory and the lack of ability to take into account possible consequences of one’s actions are typical signs of a manipulator. Manipulators with people are always good orators, they seem confident, having a great deal of confidential information, they are able to convincingly and quickly react to counter-arguments by their opponents and they often get personal and offensive.

It is easiest to become a manipulator in a democratic country, where people do not fully consider the consequences of the proposed solutions and like to believe anybody who will promise them a better life. Then they go on to present likeable manifestoes, e.g. property in the country should be owned by everyone, everybody will be able to make decision, or everybody will be given what they need and the popular support is yours.

Typical manipulators were the Bolshevik agitators in times of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, but also e.g. Hitler, who was able to manipulate almost the entire German nation. However, it is not necessary to look for distant examples, in our country an example would be the comrade Gottwald, who thanks to his promises and Soviet advisors from NKVD (state secret police) was able to impose in a democratic election an ineffective state system liquidating not only its opponents, but especially initiative and people‘s creative thinking.
All of them like to use simple, for people seemingly understandable slogans and thoughts, they define the causes of the problems and their instigator– the enemy. Those who oppose them are slandered by them and spoken about as the enemy of the poor, solutions proposed by them is often not in accordance with their previous promises and actions, and it is without remorse when they change their friends and allies, which happens often.

However, if we carry out a careful analysis of the solutions and promises presented by them, we will realize about most of them that they are either unfeasible or lead directly to hell. They themselves are usually aware of this, but this does not prevent them from their actions, it depends on their motivation; if it is merely a personal motivation and if they are not psychopaths, gradually they will typically stop imposing their unrealistic promises and thoughts after coming to power, however if they protect somebody else’s interests, whose aim is the destabilization of and control over the society, they will lead such society to a dramatic end. To be quite honest, this method does not always have to be reprehensible, if it leads an old-fashioned and uneducated society to prosperity (but not the reverse), or a militant or fanatic society to reason. It may be quite difficult to predict the result, but if the instigator is known, it is possible to look at the matters from the point of view of history.

If one tries a bit, it is possible to reveal manipulators, because they impose their opinions and masked-up objectives relentlessly even at the expense of the fact that they have to change their allies, friends and methods of solutions all the time. However, they will never let this be known publicly and they will always try to pass the guilt for failures onto others. People like this never consider the damage which they will cause thorough their behavior to the society and to their offspring, thinking they can compensate this to their offspring with property acquired in this way and they do not care about others, they only take them for sheep which they can shear without any punishment, but they should take into account the fate of the old-timers similar in behavior to them.

The best protection against these people is especially that fellow citizens should never forget their actions, consider them and to remind them of their promises all the time as well as their results, they should not give them any room for more activities, moral condemnation is not enough, they will only laugh at it; if they cannot be prosecuted, it is necessary that the society isolates them, including their friends, and does not give them room for public speeches and for more manipulation. Further, it is necessary to increase the level of health, education and standard of living in the entire population, in schools to lead children to independent thinking and respect for people who have significantly contributed towards the existence and prosperity of this state. Parents and schools should be led to responsibility for upbringing, education and health of their children, including prosecution and the removal of support and potentially even of children, where parents or schools do not meet these conditions set by the society, for which they receive this support.

These problems, including room for manipulation with people, could be considerably restricted if the majority of people in the state valued their smart and thoughtful fellow citizens instead of envying them their higher standard if living as these people are the driving force of society, and without them the state would become an easy prey for others, and if these smart and thoughtful people thought more about a stable and strong state, securing for themselves internal as well as external conditions for their activities, and if they were willing to share the results of their work with the other, weaker fellow citizens, without the work of whom they would never reach their results. If young people took more from the experience of the older generation, and also subjected it to more responsibility, because the older generations have prepared starting conditions for their lives. However, this can only apply in a free democratic state where the truth, law and justice prevail.

June 2007
J. Holub
vice president of SP USA