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Americké velvyslanectví, americká ambasáda - Praha, Česká republika

Radars and so on

There were over five hundred of us, March 12, 2207 in Hradčany square, before the eyes of the castle guards and with Masaryk behind our backs. A decent stage, several spotlights, both Czech and American flags, Ivan Vyčítal and The Ivan Hlas band performing. There were speeches by the writer Jan Beneš, the director Marhoul, and others who wished to make their opinions known publicly.

All this was organized by seven students - university students presenting themselves with the slogan „I’m for“ radars, missiles. A completely private event, they kept a distance from their alma mater - the reason for this was - it is impossible just to watch the passivity of the right side of the nation focused in the pages of the political Right. What was also heard from the crowd was the desperate call „ I wish the Third army came, even without Patton“. This really shows something. It is more than embarrassing to ask for the Third army. Can we not help the situation ourselves? Europe loved the Third army, including Patton - however, I have never heard about the French, Italians or the rest of free Europe calling the Third army to help solve any problems since the end of the Second World War. Czechs do not realize that Americans are supposed to be our partner for the times of war, but not our bodyguards. That is a paid service and I would like to see the bill today – credit, debit? From recent history and currently on TV as well as in natura, we can see the members of our various associations and the fans of costumes improvising various battles from Austerlitz and Hradec to the liberation of the villages in Western Bohemia by the famous and already-mentioned Third army. The conclusion which follows from this is we love uniforms of all colors. We pretend to be the heroes of France, Italy, Russia, Austria, America. We love guns, however just mock ones. The fight we stage is an artificial one without ammunition, so we become plagiarists with a license. We are perfect at this, and if somebody should create a beach at Rožmberk lake, we would fight at Omaza, however, without the Pointe du Hoc cliff. We might fall down there. In other words, we prefer to make believe with a shiny jeep and uniforms starting from the rank of sergeant to higher ones. Crowds of those waving their hands are always available for any occasion. There they can see their uncle, brother, grandfather, all of them alive. The dead Americans are somewhere below us. There lie the real heroes, many of them. Those up there are not heroes, though.
So we only fight to abolish the duty to do one’s military service training, against the missiles, radars etc. Will it be enough then to call the Pentagon? Is this why we have no heroes? But we do have them and we make movies about them. We make, out of the Silver A heroes – Kubiš, Gabčík, Bartoš and the second West Resistance Movement, dummies, and we serve them to a generation which knows nothing about them as a plagiary, as a goulash originally from a Moravian chalet where needles and pine cones emerge from it, and the plagiarists – creator „artists” sell all that with cream, salmon and garnished caviar. That means it is not even a Czech potato soup (a botched-up job), but a product totally and visually guaranteed to make one vomit. Defense by the authors who have created these pseudo works against their critics is more than insulting. Unfortunately, who will file a legal action? The Resistance Movement?!! The Third Resistance Movement also offers some role models for generations, but this material will be covered by some pervert would-be artists produced by FAMU (Faculty of fine arts) led by Otakar Vávra. No, thanks! He who wants to write scripts about resistance movements should have basic knowledge of neorealism, he/she should know about the Polish wave. Equally, this genre was represented in the French post-war films. Unfortunately, this does not appeal to our artists. This is the reason why their works lack in the atmosphere of that period. Italian film neorealism of the period by Roberto Rossellini (Rome the open city, Paisa etc.) does not appeal to our artists at all, even though the theme of resistance is significant here, and the Italian film was actually born during the resistance movement.

Also, the Polish saw a great period of films. Their films with the war theme, where the expression of the difficult and specific problems of the Polish resistance became a test for the artistic ripeness of the Polish film. It is also possible to draw from this. Films such as Ash and the diamond, Channels, Uninvited guests, Eroica and the names Wajda, Munka, Kawalerowitz, lead to a situation in which each title and name equals to being well-known all around the world. And all this was be done in a period which was not easy for the Polish (1967/1958), and at a time when it was not easy, due to censorship, to get these films into our country. If the theme of Mašín brothers had occurred in their history, it would have been made into a movie a long time ago in the form of a national, heroic epos. However, Czechs are still waiting to see in which category the comrades will place them. Among murderers or among heroes? For this reason it might be better that this theme has been omitted due to the cowardice, and now this theme awaits new generations, not the best of socialistic cinematography, of which „Angel in the mountains“ is typical. The world loves to speak about the American movie kitsch, but this is a cliché, just a phrase - however, even a person who is at least a bit knowledgeable about films must see that the Americans have always approached this theme with reverence and seriousness, because they respect such people, and they are role models for generations to come. In the Czech lands Shveik has been voted to be our role model, so the message is “Let’s shoot movies in the Shveik style and forget about real heroes”. Finally, I will take several lines from an article by Petruška Šustrová from Lidové noviny (People’s newspaper), which represents the state of the journalist, artist and intellectual front of the last 60 years: Jiří Fried (1952) The history of class conflict is the history of love (isn’t truth missing?).

Fortunately, there have been even artists and intellectuals who did not betray, e.g. the surrealist Zbyněk Havlíček wrote in 1951: I saw intelligentsia, totally corrupted, helping the big mouths to create a science. End of quotation. Let this be a consolation to us. Taking into account the fact that in the current ideological stagnation there was heard a shout at Hradčany square to which there was no reaction, nor a helping hand to cooperate, we can only consider the originators of this event as seven Don Quixotes. Don’t you believe? Me, neither. However, there should be a recipe created for similar events and we should even try to involve the media, but we should not rely on them. It might be good to use one’s own webpages and one’s friend’s pages as well, and if you are rejected based on the clientele, do not worry too much - however, next time you know who they are and what their clientele is - then you will become more knowledgeable and you will realize that not all that is on the right is really right.

J.F. Bláha
President of SP USA Praha