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Advice from abroad and fighters at home

If you follow the printed form of the thinking and moods of the Czech cluster in Europe, you just have to notice the fact that many of our former fellow citizens living now abroad are extremely concerned about the future of the country called the Czech Republic. No matter whether they are away from us just a few kilometers in Vienna, hundreds of kilometers in France or thousands of kilometers in the United States, all of them wish to inform us of their concerns over our lives in connection with the radar and an excessive dependency on the United States. I am getting the impression that for a Czech person to reach a level at which he/she may start writing public articles in the field of „advisor“, he/she must first emigrate and only then start writing publicly for a ten-million herd in the center of Europe, telling them how to arrange their lives, who to vote for, who to choose as a reliable friend in need and, what is especially important, to know who is reliable. Let me choose randomly three out of those many concerned.

It was for example Marta Davouze, who has enriched Czech journalism, making perfect idiots of the French in her article, suggesting they can not orientate themselves in the map of Europe, even though we know from history that Napoleon was able to read this map very well, reaching as far as Moscow. The whole text of the article conveys an almost hysterical opposition towards everything which bears a trace of the Statue of Liberty. As Marta Davouze states, she travels all the time, half a year in the Czech Republic and the other half in France etc, therefore she probably does not have any opportunity to share her impressions with the people of France. A disgusting deli in the form of an article would be published hardly anywhere else than in the Czech Republic. Mrs. Davouze asks cynically why the Americans wish to protect our territory against weapons which have never before endangered us. (If this was the truth, this poor Mrs. Marta would not be here). It is the same, dear Mrs. Writer, as to ask why they liberated Normandy, even though they had never liberated it in the form of an invasion before. Anyway, as can be seen from this, the first defeat in the First World War did not teach the French, and so the Yankees had to come again to liberate the two divided Frances – the collaborating section as well as the resisting part. However, Mrs. Davouze (probably) knows nothing of this, and in her flighty life she feels like a butterfly which flies from a meadow to meadow, losing count of what is happening in individual meadows and ridges. If this kind of butterfly of the „Davouze“ family sucks in, through its proboscis, too much aroma from the flowers in various meadows, it is capable of creating this work, which was published in our country. Basically, like a caterpillar, she is very harmful in the fields, forests as well as in her human form. This kind of pseudo-butterfly is harmful to all of us and like as a butterfly-journalist she threatens us into believing that those who can not pronounce the word Czech Republic through their mouths (quotation) still consider us to be a country where poor people have nothing to eat, being a Soviet satellite under the name of Czechoslovakia (quotation). The only thing that this butterfly Marta now must do is put on a missionary’s cassock, illuminating the people of France, teaching them to pronounce the word Czech Republic through their French lips. Hopefully, they will learn this. When in 1944-45 the whole of France was welcoming the Americans, they were also able to pronounce „Hello, boys“ through their lips and it was easy for them. All in all, I think that Mrs. Devouze only writes for the sake of writing, even when it does not make any sense, and I will give her a simple answer to her cynical question of why the Americans want to increase security in our country. This will happen with our support or without it, and in the worst case, Europe would not be enough for you, and you could not enjoy those meadows and ridges anymore, Mrs. Marta!

Another person who feels the need to participate in consultation on the future of our country does not live here either, but originally comes from here. This concerns professor Petr Steiner lecturing on Slavic languages at the „University of Pennsylvania“, focusing on Russian literature. He is interested in both internal as well as external politics, the direction of which he sees differently compared with what the local community, which inhabits the space on the 50th latitude, would prefer – however, the leftist opposition is an exception – he is playing into its hands, even though in extremely small amounts only. In Lidové noviny (Sept. 22, 2007) this good-humored intellectual, an emigrant of 1968, presented, in his extensive essay, an opinion by an emigrant, in which he forgot who he had escaped from when escaping from Europe to the United states. What does not help either is the argumentation that he escaped from the Russians of the Soviet Union, not from the Russians of the current empire. He also forgot to add that seventy years ago it was also Lithuanians, Finns and Estonians, who ran away from the expansion of this nation. Who will have to do this in the future, we will see. However, I hope this will never happen again. But the professor asks himself a question of whether Russia is really so paranoid? His answer is perhaps Yes, but as it follows from a well-known saying: only those paranoid survive (quotation). That leads us to the conclusion that the definitely paranoid Russia with its one hundred-million manpower potential as well as military power will survive. However, the Czech Republic will not. In his article Mr. Steiner deals with the question „thoroughly“. From the childish former president Havel and his childish views as those of the “most influential intellectual“ on the anti-missile defense (all is a quotation), to the golden-mouthed Klvaňa, the representative of the Right. It is better that Mr. Steiner emigrated – otherwise, he would not be able to present his ill-health visions on unassailability to us today. He himself will surely relax under the protection of the wings of the American Eagle set between the stars and stripes. So thank you Mr. Steiner for your chimeras, but do not present to us the same that you present together with comrade Dienstbier to your American students. I hope, or rather I believe, that they know who they are dealing with.

The last rogue has provided only a rather short commentary on the issue of how to build our political scene. Mr. Žaloudek is a catholic theologian in Vienna, and from his position he informs us on what the power of personality is. I am just surprised that such a short space was not enough for him, but the most important aspect for us is a warning. A warning for voters concerning who they should vote for, even though the president is now elected by the Parliament and the Senate – however, a warning is always good. Especially if it is from Vienna.

After the knowledge and advice provided by our countrymen, we could take a look at the home scene, specifically where the interest concerning the security of Europe clashes with our countryside, in the surroundings of the Brdy historical shooting range, which I had the honor of becoming familiar with during my basic military training together with the explosions coming from the howitzers belonging to the People’s army. This happened in the middle of the twentieth century and its history started at beginning of that century, or this is at least what the comrade politicians told us and of course they know the best. Some of them still live there, holding the positions of mayors, but their hatred for the American aggressors is still inside of them. Well, the fifties. At that time Čepička was our defense secretary and also Gottwald’s son-in-law.

So the mayors from the mentioned locality require a referendum - their reasons include, e.g. their areas will be at risk, there will be no privacy “in their backyard”, where they drive out their rabbits, goats, simply just their cattle to the grasslands. However, if these arguments should valid for the inhabitants of the villages with a few street numbers and with just hundreds of inhabitants, and the inhabitants of remote areas and small towns of thousands of inhabitants, then it occurs to me that even every part of a city and every city also has the right for a referendum. Why? In all wars, since the invention of the plane and bomb, it has been cities what has been the target of attacks. It has been cities and their surroundings with their strategic goals, the arms industry and factories producing “whatever” – so, dear mayors, if a village of 50 street numbers and just hundreds of inhabitants, then also Prague ,Pilsner, Brun, Ostrava and cities of tens of thousands of inhabitants will have the right to determine who, where and when should build a factory. And the instructions for the investors are as follows: No strategic, arms-based, anti-hygienic, anti-ecological production! Reason? We want to live in peace and calm, with no smell and with the sun. The suburbs are our backyards, where we want to have grass, forests, a chance to swim even in a duck pond, but it must be hygienic and there must be no smog and dumps, no chemical waste. So where will we build factories? In villages! Outside of cities! Closer to the countryside. Well, what do you say now, dear mayors and ecological autodidacts from various initiatives and associations. What do you, comrade activists from “Against” say now, how many signatures have you collected for your leftist offshoot during the completely fabricated humbug. But do those who have signed know about the just officially released intergovernmental agreement of 1965 between the CSSR and USSR on the deployment of Soviet nuclear weapons in the Czech territory? And where did that take place? In Bělá pod Bezdězem, Bílina, and in Míšov – Borovany. And who knew about it? A very small number of the military leaders - and what about the presence of the nuclear heads or artillery grenades? Listen comrades! 5 words by five people!! And do you not, the rest of you, find as strange the kind of people who are involved in these anti-American games? Is it not the people who admit in TV news that their business activities with the occupants were convenient to both parties and that this was a matter of routine for twenty years?! And if we listen to this on TV, one can feel nostalgia, a desire for a return, as was admitted by one mayor, a member of the Communist party, before the eyes of TV viewers. This is only about 200 Americans. If these leaders supporting the protection and attractiveness of the Brdy shooting range, and those showing the “backyard” mentality should show their CV, it would not be difficult to understand their interest – Don’t let this happen. They have, many times and not on purpose, revealed their top brass and party fates both in the pages of newspapers as well as on TV, and they will not be turned away from their Bolshevik intentions even by the released number of opponents to the radar (48%), neither by the approval of the EU and NATO – those people know that to arrange for this equipment is outside of their financial possibilities, it is just an abstract dream for them. The discussion should not be conducted with these people, but with other people. He who remembers the period between 1948 and 1989, does not need to prove anything, just to refresh his/her memory. For the others, we should prove this. It is advisable to think about how the Polish do this. The server tvn has released, referring to the departmental spokesperson Jaroslav Rybak, that every Polish soldier will have to compulsorily see a new film by the star director Andrzej Wajda “Katyň”, which deals with the murdering – massacring of thousands of Polish officers captured by the Soviet secret police during the Second World War. The order by the secretary Alexandr Szcygla will bring 170 thousand Polish soldiers to the cinemas so that they can learn a lesson from history. Everything will be paid for by the Polish army out of the funds for culture. And the reason? Today, a patriotic upbringing may not be limited to the training for officers only.

And a tip for us for tomorrow? It does not have to be just “Katyň” , though it could well be. And if the radar is not in the territory of the Czech Republic, there exists a substitute solution according to general Obering. For example, some other Eastern European countries. All in all, as history proves, the Americans have always had a solution compared to Europe. Both in 1918 and 1941. Things were possible even without the Maginot line and our fortification zone. Improvisation. And this brought freedom for Europe.

The conclusion should be: Let’s not leave the decision to those who we have known since 1948 and now we know what they have been able to do to the thinking of generations – the consequences of which we will bear for a long time. We should not give up, as the driving force today is the opened archives, which give out the truth about “ the country of the incredible” from 1948 to November 1989. And then, there remains yet one and at the same time a very important question: Why there was created the slogan: the velvet revolution - and also - we will not be like them! The truth is shown in a manner similar to the process of developing photographs. First, we can see the outline, tomorrow we will see the object. Sharp. We will be surprised.
J. Bláha

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