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Missiles against the umbrella

This is a message from the former big brother to Prague and Warsaw. You speak about an umbrella against missiles; we speak about missiles to Kaliningrad, which will destroy you within five minutes. The former baby brother does not have probably romantic memories of us, considering the messages from him to us.

However, he forgets that the former Eastern Europe, including our country, is aware of his way of speaking too well - that is what he taught us, and what he also used during his visits to the sphere of his influence. We know what the Ukraine represents as well as the thirties – Poland, occupation, Stalin, Hitler 1939 – Katyn and the massacre – Warsaw 1944 – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia deportation 1940 – 1944 – Hungary 1956 – Czechoslovakia 1968 – Afghans invasion 1980 – Chechnya etc. Just history which was put down in the annals – nothing else. This would hardly qualify for TV programs. Here, it is more appropriate to speak of democracy, and it is not important who speaks about it - in our country, democracy is hidden under the term referendum. A direct vote by the people, that’s it - and it can be used even by the Left, which has never used it since 1948, or rather the Left has not found it convenient to put it in operation. This is why it is necessary to use democracy carefully, especially if the wind is blowing from the left. A referendum means a majority, a crowd, and it is here where the term quality has no value. The quantity dilutes the result and the contents return. It would be interesting to assess the quality of the participants, their education, and the nation might be shocked at the result with a disgrace all around the world. To put a decision on the security of a state into the hands of a crowd instead of experts is a hazard, which will only seemingly satisfy those who are afraid of responsibility for making decisions. However, they will never get rid of the fear of the future. The conditions dictated by the Left include: it will be operated by us, by the NATO, management and decision-making by Europe, it will be built by the Americans and handed over to us.

This is a naïve desperation, or the applicant’s intention to be rejected. Consider the fact that the work on the anti-missile system has been going on in the USA since the second world war, and for this program alone 200 billion dollars has been spent so far, and every year there is another 11 billion dollars spent from the military budget of the United States – it would be useless to convert this to our currency. If the former chairman of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Zaorálek demands that the results of the research over 60 years be handed over to the Left, one can only say: Thank God that this funny figure did not become the Secretary of State, as he has wished for many years. Amen.

It is known that the Russians have, after the agreement of 1972 with the Americans, in the A.B.M. contract (without participation of Europe), a built anti-missile shield to protect Moscow – however, this is not widely discussed. The efforts by Europe to strengthen its European identity outside of the NATO, only within the European Union (ESDI) have been unsuccessful and will be unsuccessful not only due to its specific problems, but also due to socialism traditionally built in the country of the French Cockerel. The conclusion is that Europe will lose the arms race as did the Soviets during the cold war. If we take a look at the figures, the Russians are going to put aside 183 billion dollars for all their arms programs, which is four trillion crowns, that means 2 billion dollars per month, and this represents an unrivalled sum for Europe. As far as the comparison with the United States is concerned, there are huge differences here, and we would not be able to compete with it.

Expenses for the USA army only for the next year amount to 500 billion dollars, and we should consider the American ability to much faster carry out the development of the phenomena of new technologies and the consensual thinking of the Americans in determining the nation’s priorities and financing compared to the endless and many-year discussions in the European Union with the permanent deficit of finances for anything, and especially for defense programs. If we, as well as the Polish and the whole of Europe, decide not to ignore Russia’s statement concerning a revenge (though we know the way of speaking used by the East), then there must be cooperation with America. We have forgotten that we have the potential to negotiate who to allow inside our country, and also that there were times, not so long ago, when a visitor came at night, not needing a key or to ring the doorbell, and we should consider this today when deciding, taking into account the current state of our society. The public receives information (old-timers know already) that the management of the media in this country is in the hands of former members of the Communist party.

We know that the Department of the Interior and the list of informers are under these people’ control. We know about certain members, vice-chairmen within the media, who share the same history not only in the Communist party, but they are also former representatives of the communist country, both in culture and sport. In the same manner it is possible to appoint a prime minister without knowing his/her “CV”, not knowing whether he/she was a member of the Communist party or if he/she is entered in the lists of the State Secret Police. Those appointing do not know whether comrade Tošovský has informed them. According to the answer to the question of how it is possible to have this kind of scandals, nobody is competent to give an answer, which is the best solution, as it is not certain whether his/her name will be in the pages of newspapers tomorrow with a similar characteristic and it is certain that there will be more names. As far as the Americans are concerned, they should consider who they ask. It is not known how many of these comrades have been screened to be allowed to read through the documents marked as “secret”. Think, Pentagon! Last week it was made known publicly that one of the Mašín Brothers group, Milan Pauner, a real hero of the third resistance movement, became an advisor in Pavel Žáček’s corps, the director of the archives of the security forces. An event which should have happened sixteen years ago in the first place. The majority was looking forward to these changes, but not every one could experience it in 2007. In 1946 a Czech movie was made called “The heroes are silent” which became an example to the nation. In 1990 nobody asked prisoners of conscience whether they wanted to hold positions in the new state, but as we get further from 1989, there appear new heroes, former holders of the national artist title, singers, painters, who could not paint their ideas, so they created symbols of labor, lathes, agriculture, steel, in other words socialistic realism. There were composed celebrating songs with themes on Stalins, young communists and their youth, and the collective farms’ fields - everything was decently and generously paid out of the funds of the Party and the government. Not everybody was successful in these contests, but the actors played the roles of factory cutters, alias Karhans, as well as Gottwalds and the district commissioners with whom media reporters would playfully conduct interviews.

Today we know from their interviews what kind of heroes they were, when they represented our socialist culture in the West and that their per diem was very low. And what about our sportsmen, they could not live without their performances either. Instead of the military service there was Dukla, ATK, the national Team, advantages, benefits, per diem, travel. They say it was not much compared with the situation we have these days. But it was a lot compared to the past. Much above the average. And who forced them to represent socialism, the Party and government and keep the whole humbug going on.

It may not be forgotten that not all of them, but those did not play at all.

And what about the unforgettable TV variety shows in 1960, which Czech TV is now taking out of its archives for evening broadcasting. How many of these people collected titles and awards at the Castle from two or three Heads of the State representing the regime which started in the 50’ with the prefix socialistic! Today these people without any morals, without any humbleness, go to sit in their usual places in the premises of the Vladislav hall to collect incomprehensibly offered awards of the current days. And again, with the presence of reporters known from the period of 30 years ago, they ask whether the Mašín brothers were heroes or murderers, but nobody asks those voting for the “singing contests” or “Man of the year” and other surveys of congeniality the question of whether these people are collaborationists. Do you know, Ladies and Gentlemen from the editorial offices, this term for social waste? If not, look through a dictionary and history books and you will learn that in 1945 there was issued, for such collaboration with the occupants, a “Lesser decree” by the president of the CSR, punishing the wrongs against the national honor. Based on it, there were punishments…etc. Today people are awarded for lifelong representation etc.

It is no surprise that emigrants in America invite to their balls (Besada balls) and meetings ,with the atmosphere of Chart 77, former high-ranking communist officials together with the anti-chart signatories (the spokeswoman for the anti-chart E. Pillarová) – to prove these are facts, we could read the witness report under the name of

Communist bloc intelligence activities in the United States – on Tuesday, Nov 17th 1975, Senate of the United States – the Legislative committee – subcommittee to overview the fulfilling of the act on inner security and other acts on inner security of the country. Washington D.C. Senator Storm Thurmond presiding.

In the issue if this report on pages 20,21,22,23 we find names of STB (State Secret Police) agents from culture, sport, and other fields as well. Random names would be Karel Gott, agent of 1960, Eva Olmerová, Otakar Krejča, Eva Bosáková, Emil Zátopek, an agent from the beginning of the 50’s. During the Prague Spring an agent provocateur. Vlad. Zabrodský and many others, idols and role models until these days.

Let me add that the English original was printed by the U.S. government printing office Washington in 1976. In the CR it was published by Orbis 2000. There exist no doubts when STB agents are invited as artists to the meetings of emigrants– ok, but if the Left wants to use its comrades from STB as personnel for bases, that’s a different story, and concerning this I hope that not even another velvet revolution will help it, and we must solve this problem ourselves in our small-minded country.

If we should place out trust concerning defense into somebody else’s hands, we would have to search in the past. We know that Europe does not care much about pacts and agreements, sometimes these are revoked, and other times they are just in the form of a betrayal, which is also part of our history. The NATO without the participation of America is a trade mark of no value.

The material weaponry of the Czech army is based on corruption and reminds one of an Arab bazaar, where hundreds of billions are discussed by those who were members of the Communist party for forty years, and then they resigned at the right moment. If we also consider the well-known lack of will suffered by Europe, including our country, to fight against any kind of violence, our Shveikism and a permanent fear by a nation of the period of four seasons (except for the referendum), we find that to negotiate with us as a partner lacking in faith, all the risks are taken by the other party – the Americans.

And the issue of the referendum? It is enough to realize and examine more closely who, when and in what kind of situation tries to push through this form of decision-making. Here is the same dying-out species “homo sapiens”, whose radical bottom declares a revolution today, tomorrow it will be a dictatorship, all this with no feedback from the deputies and no interest from the media. (except for the columns titled Who said what) In this situation the use of referendum falls under the category of putting the state at risk. Well, what next? Another referendum concerning a secession from the NATO? Impossible? The year 1948 was possible as well as the effort to persuade the Czechoslovaks that it was the Soviets who liberated Pilsner. Would you say that there is no Soviet support here? Czechs might be surprised. It is very surprising that homo sapiens Zaorálek did not push through a referendum on air-fighters Gripen, or one on the purchase of carriers, which falls under the defense department. What about the building of highways and the Kapsch system? Today, it is evident that there will be an investigation. For all these projects hundreds of billions were needed.

The defense of a country, which is a very technical project needing responsibility and negotiation, may be decided, according to Mr. Zaorálek, by the people using a referendum as a one-off decision, depending on the current mood - that means clerks of all kinds, artists, or tradesmen of all kinds, even based on the popular surveys by the media they have no knowledge, neither do they have any knowledge of recent past, nor the more remote past, they are not politically knowledgeable and are not able to have an expert’s opinion, all this is not necessary. What is necessary is to listen to the voice from the Left.

For the future it is necessary to regulate by law and determine via referendum any financial transactions of the state, with the supplier being determined as well. Yes? No?

The people will decide, the people will determine, all this under supervision by the Left. A democracy called “referendum” is here, and we do not have to worry. Concerning the threats by the commander of the Russian air force Chvorov towards the member states of the NATO, the Czech Republic and Poland, these represent nothing major. Neither in our country, nor in the NATO. Is this just folklore, Mr. Zaorálek? Or a signal? According to the Left, what should a defense against nuclear heads be like? Without a radar? Without missiles? Here you can consider the words by a Polish defense deputy Witold Waszyaovsky, which he pronounced in Seim – the NATO is no longer an ideal ally against the Russian empire. We are afraid that if there should be a conflict in Europe, the NATO would no longer be able to respond. This is the Polish view.

Our main representative of the opponents to the radar, homo sapiens Zaorálek, with his hidden feeling of inferiority, with his efforts to overcome this state through inadequate reactions imitating the reactions of the 50’s including the way of speaking, of which no ideologist of the Party at that time would have had to be ashamed. He sees no danger at all, and his hysterical gestures lack only a hysterical cry, and also a mention of the potato beetle with the appeal: Everybody go to the potato fields. What we have to do is to agree with the Polish or to argue with them, but above all, we must not act like Mr. Zaorálek, who has forgotten or does not know that over the last 27 years the American have crossed the Atlantic twice to end two world wars in Europe – I think we know who can be trusted. Definitely not the demagogy presented by Mr. Zaorálek. In conclusion, I offer a quotation by an American expert Peter Brooks:

“It would be the biggest mistake if the USA, the Polish and Czechs started to be afraid of the Russians!

Jaroslav Bláha

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