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On the significance of the United States of America

I will state several generally known facts to refresh the memory of our fellow citizens who are, probably under the influence of the communists both former and the current ones, naive in consuming the tabloid, and with a great help of beer, they hold quite doubtful attitudes towards the USA.

It is necessary to realize that:
Czechoslovakia was created, among other factors, thanks to the strong support by president W. Wilson and T.G. Masaryk.

In both the first and second world wars, when the American soldiers made the journey across the Atlantic, to lay down their lives for the freedom of the Europeans, the USA helped Europe out of the excrement and prevented the liquidation of the Slavs and the Aryan germanization of other nations. (Next time islamization and arabization might be on the agenda)

So far America has always been able to eliminate all those wild „isms“ spreading throughout the world. A perfect example of this is president R. Reagan and his liquidation of communism in Europe.

America is a great country because it is willing to protect the fantastic thing called freedom at the expense of its own lives even in places where it would not have to. Today when our country is also, thanks to the USA, a free country, it is now up to us to contribute with our efforts to protect democracy and freedom.

As we owe so much to America, it is difficult for us to admit that what comes with thankfulness is sacrifice. The situation would change immediately during the first missile attack, with the Europeans realizing again that it is only the Americans who will help them.
Nobody else would be able to do this today, as nobody else has the technology or mentality.

Considering the arrogance of the former soviet power, which still stakes a claim towards us as they did sixty years ago, the alliance with the USA and the shared identical interests are of high priority.

In conclusion, I recommend remembering this quotation „ If we forget the lesson learned from the past, we will have to learn this lesson again“

Ing. Přemysl Urbánek

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