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The Truth, Law and Justice

When putting together our websites of SPUSA I have recomended – after a long consideration – to place into their heading the sentence which I often repeat to myself when watching information about “ public issues “:

“The truth, law and justice win where the people want them to“.

As follows from this sentence, this is a “ long track run “. In spite of that I think that this sentence expresses the point which I consider important for the human society on its present level.
I am aware of the fact that a lot of essays and articles have already been written about this point. In spite of that I consider it necessary to express some of my ideas which had led me to writing this sentence in our website.

a) The truth itself without implementing the righteous law is good for nothing, because it often helps somebody while doing harm to someone else. On top of that, also each of the possible rivals can have his own sense of the truth. There is an example of two mothers of heavily handicapped children, one from Europe and the other one from Afghanistan. Both mothers are right in saying that their child needs a demanding medical care, however, only the righteous law can decide who will obtain the help. Law has to be righteous to everyone and it has to defend the interests of not just these two mothers and their children.
b) Law without the truth and justice itself is also good for nothing and it is rather destructive.Examples are not necessary to be introduced.
c) If justice cannot be pushed through using the law and when it is not based on the truth is again good for nothing. Moreover, when it is based on a lie it causes even greater damage.

In this case we can take the examples of unpunished crimes when the truth does not come out or of unjust verdicts at court trials based on lies and corruption or on imperfect laws. So it is obvious that only the synchronous functioning of all these three attributes can secure a more content life of the people.
All these three notions,i.e. the truth, law and justice ate implemented in life through the activity of people, their will to achieve a more perfect human society and it is up to the people to consistently implement these notions.
I have heard a reservation though that in this sentence the word freedom is missing. When considering this word I have come to a conclusion that it is practically impossible to define the meaning of this word precisely, so the consideration should be more about the degree of freedom. Absolute freedom is namely too close to anarchy. The frequently used definition saying that the freedom of man stretches as far as the freedom of the other man starts is really inaccurate. All of us break it consciously every day when using the overcrowded public transportation, while fulfilling our work duties, during the teaching process at schools, during the education of children etc. Moreover, what about fauna and flora, as the freedom of other living creatures should also be considered in this context?
Man´s freedom will always be limited as to certain barriers and fences, e.g. with regard to the state of health, financial situation, the level of culture etc., which will not be the same for each person in each country. The situation is, however, different in case of the truth, law and justice. It is only thanks to implementing them thoroughly in the largest possible scale that we can reach the state in which the restriction of the freedom of individuals and also groups of people will be dependent only on their own activity and abilities while respecting the righteous laws accepted by all people or, if you like, while implementing the principles of the truth, law and justice.

July 2009
J. Holub

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